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By operating with a productivity chain based on sustainability, Caramuru aims to ensure the continuity of its business, supported by social responsibility, care for the environment and good management practices, generating positive impacts for the planet and society.

Caramuru’s sustainable initiatives

Programa Sustentar:
Support raw material suppliers to meet global standards, ensuring sustainable and traceable products.

Traceability and sustainability in raw material origination:
Guarantee and safety of the origin of the raw material, which meets socio-environmental criteria, in particular Brazilian environmental legislation, with an emphasis on the public commitment to zero deforestation, in the Amazon biome since 2008, and in the Cerrado biome and others since 2020. In addition, the company does not source raw material from producers involved in deforestation, occupation of indigenous or quilombola lands, forced labor or minors. It also does not accept products from protected areas, including UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Ramsar Wetlands or High Value Conservation Areas (HCV).

Production of biodiesel:
Totally clean and renewable biofuel that replaces fossil sources with organic matter.

Support to family farming:
Promotion and technical assistance to family farmers, generating income and social inclusion.

SPC (Soy Protein Concentrate) Production:
Meal of vegetable origin that replaces fishmeal in aquaculture. A renewable source that reduces fish capture for feed formulation.

Power cogenerationa:
Energy production from renewable fuel, which has less environmental impact as it reduces CO emissions two when compared to thermoelectric. It also allows a less dependence on energy generated by hydroelectric plants, as it produces 70% of the energy consumed by industrial plants.

Soy Ethanol Production:
Use of technology from soy molasses to use the raw material with high energy efficiency. The Sorriso Unit, in Mato Grosso, is one of the first plants in the world to produce ethanol from soy on a commercial scale, in addition to adding value to the most important commodity for the country, introducing soy as a new raw material for production of fuel.

Waste Generation Management:
Proper disposal of solid waste, continuous monitoring of atmospheric emissions and treatment of liquid effluents in 100% of industrial processes.

Projects and actions aimed at people’s well-being

For Caramuru, social responsibility is synonymous with care. Discover the projects supported by the company.

Learning with you:
Encouragement and support for schools in communities where Caramuru operates with actions that complement the education process. With over 20 years of experience, the program helps to restore the structure of schools, improve the quality of teaching and the cultural development of students through dance, music, capoeira and digital inclusion. The program is developed with the support of volunteer employees of the company.

Atletas do Futuro (Athletes of the future):
Support for activities related to sport, focused on the development of young people.

Junior Achievement:
Partnership with the Junior Achievement Public Interest Civil Society Organization since 2007, whose main objective is to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit of school-age youth and contribute to the development of citizenship and commitment to ethics. The program trains volunteer employees to donate part of their time to transmit knowledge to students.

The highlight goes to two projects supported by Caramuru: Mini-company and Shadow Business, with a focus on entrepreneurship and knowledge of the working day.

Caramuru governance practices

  • Publicly traded company registered with CVM.
  • Board of Directors with independent members.
  • Advisory Committees to the Board of Directors
  • Compliance with legal requirements and federal, state, municipal and customer control bodies.
  • Implementation, updating and maintenance of various certifications
  • Supplier audits.
  • Customer service.

Caramuru maintains its Integrity Program based on the principles of Mission, Vision, Values and its Code of Ethics and Conduct, which points out and highlights the company’s commitment to Compliance, seeking to always bring more transparency in relations with employees, suppliers and customers.

The company values a business environment that is ethical, fair and based on technical skills.

Ethics Line – Caramuru’s independent relationship channel for anonymous reporting of irregularities and fraud.

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