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Established in 1964 by Múcio de Souza Rezende, in the city of Maringá, Paraná, Caramuru is owned by the Borges de Souza family.

The company grew with an entrepreneurial spirit, focused on the quality of its products and services. It explored new niches, consolidated itself in the market and became the main Brazilian company for processing soy, corn, sunflowers and canola.

Present today in the states of Amapá, Goiás, Pará, Paraná, Mato Grosso and São Paulo in Brazil, it operates in grain storage and industrialization, in oil extraction and refining, in exporting soybeans, bran, oil, lecithin and soy protein concentrated (SPC) and in producing biodiesel and refined glycerin.

Through its 40-year-old consumer brand “Sinhá”, and the Vitae brand, with its line of natural soy-based products, it serves consumers in various states, manufacturers of pasta, cookies, snacks, corn flakes, among others, in addition to producing raw materials for other segments, such as breweries, mining, feed industry.

The company is known for its logistics in moving products from the “soy complex”, and has made great investments in the Santos (SP), Tubarão (ES) and Santana (AP) ports and in the Tietê-Paraná and Tapajós-Amazonas waterways, favoring the use of multi-modal transport and reducing operating costs.

The company boldly and confidently follows a policy of investing in staff training, seeking out technology that adds value to its activities, and to consolidate its brand: that of being an ethical, entrepreneurial company with a strong vision for the future, committed to the sustainable development of its activities.

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